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What Is Still Challenging In A Job I Like

    1. Feast Season

    I find my workload is cyclical. There will always be periods when there is way too much to do, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, and the multi-tasking and rushing leads to a decrease in the quality of the work I produce. I get through these periods only by knowing that the pendulum will swing the other way....

    2. Famine Season

    ...into the opposite, where there isn't really as much to do. It's easy to get anxious if you think this period is going to last, because you think you aren't adding value and are vulnerable should company financials get weak. This would be a good period to undertake training, clean up files etc. but I usually try to simply coast more during this period, knowing the pendulum will swing back again.

    3. Benefits

    Benefits to cover health expenses (outside the Canadian health system - things like physiotherapy, prescriptions, dental) are one of the biggest reasons I've always chosen full-time employment over independent contracting or starting a business. When your benefits don't cover these expenses well it's easy to have second thoughts.

    4. Turnover

    It's said your relationship with your boss is more important to your happiness than the overall company culture and climate. Still, when you see people leave for greener pastures, it's harder to feel secure when staying put.

    5. Impostor Syndrome

    I enjoy learning and variety in my job, but that doesn't mean I don't get anxious about new or bigger challenges. I worry about failure beyond simply looking like someone who can make mistakes - if the opportunity is big enough and it should be won by our company, then I don't want to be the one at fault for missing it.

    6. Money

    I'm thrifty on a lot of fronts, but not enough so that having more wouldn't be nice...

    7. Lack of Exercise

    Sometimes I get out in the field, but my job is mostly sitting at a computer.

    8. Lack of Creativity

    I'm an engineer by education and for the bulk of my career. As a Sales Engineer, I get to practice some soft skills, but when it comes to being artistic or creative, I have to jam that into my free time.

    9. Vacation/Time Off

    Social media and other forms of diversion can make you crave travel and other adventures. Knowing there are people with more time off who work full-time jobs (to say nothing of influencers and such who seem to be on permanent vacation) doesn't make it easier to get up for a 9-5.

    10. Teamwork/Communication

    This is something important obviously, but being pulled into meetings and impromptu phone calls interferes with my time management and workflow.

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