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What is the best advice you've ever received?

My nephew posed this question on Threads. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where I got some of the ones on my list and it is possible I came up with some of these on my own, not sure.

    1. Save for a rainy day

    Everyone knows this, not enough people do it.

    2. Don't live beyond your means

    Everyone knows this, not enough people do it.

    3. Give a firm handshake

    4. Keep investing simple

    The stock market goes up most of the time. Don't push too hard against that.

    5. Exercise

    Everyone knows they should exercise even if they don't do it.

    6. Don't eat too much sugar

    On some level we all know not to eat too much sugar even if we need to learn what constitutes too much.

    7. Do what other people don't want to do

    Doing the hard work or work that is not fun will open doors for you.

    8. Be willing to do some things for free

    Ties in with number 7.

    9. Don't be too clever by half

    That means don't be too smart for your own good. We all know people think they are smarter than system, but actually are not and make life more difficult than it needs to be.

    10. Don't worry about what other people think

    I say this a lot. Life gets much easier when you figure this one out.

    11. Keep your options open

    You never know what you might have to do in the future, or what you might want to do.

    12. Do things for your future self

    This helps with and ties into number 11.

    13. Have a genuinely positive attitude

    The way this has evolved for me lately is to immediately assess what is the worst that can happen, realize that it will be ok and carry on. This happened at the start of the year when a combo of malfeasance and incompetence by the partners got our firm shut down. If we couldn't find a new home, then no income would have sucked but we could have made it work. Fortunately, we landed pretty quickly.

    14. Time is worth more than money

    This works on at least two levels, not being money obsessed and donating time to an organization is worth more than money you could donate.

    15. Always tell the truth

    There's less explaining to do and less to remember when you are truthful.

    16. We are not entitled to anything

    Life is not always fair of course but dwelling on being treated unfairly is wildly counter productive. Remembering we are not entitled makes it easier to move on from something that is unfair.

    17. Respect is earned, not bestowed

    Hopefully this has helped me be a better fire chief.

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