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What is your favorite life hack?

The last of list ideas brazenly stolen from @sheeraz. I Americanized 'favourite.' It's a long list, there will be a lot of repeats from other posts/lists.

    1. Be genuinely positive and optimistic

    This has to be genuine and might require self-training.

    2. Live below your means

    This brings a freedom that others cannot image.

    3. Get a 15 year mortgage

    4. Give your future-self maximum optionality

    This means saving for the future and giving your best effort in all endeavors, you have no idea where opportunity could come from.

    5. Live in the moment

    If you wish away the week to get to the weekend, you will one day realized you wished away your entire life.

    6. Do things for free

    The money will take care of itself.

    7. Lift weights

    8. Proper diet

    Cut consumption of carbohydrates and industrial seed oils, skip breakfast.

    9. Your marriage is not a competition

    10. Have dogs

    11. Spend time in nature

    12. Actively volunteer

    13. Figure out how to make a living doing what you love

    14. Seek to prevent or solve your own problems

    15. Stay curious

    Cultivate various and unrelated interests.

    16. Make having fun a priority

    17. Don't get upset about things beyond your control

    18. Know when to keep your mouth shut

    19. There are very few people who's opinion should matter.

    Very few.

    20. Be orthogonal to society

    This one might be a good way to sum up all the rest on this list.

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