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What It Takes To Be A Great Leader In Various Situations

Be an example to others as a leader. How do you do that?

    1. Stay calm under challenging circumstances.

    People look to a leader that stays calm when others are anxious or paniced. If you can remain calm and think rationally and not emotionally, that will help you with any situation.

    2. Stay healthy and fit.

    A great leader can lead only if they remain healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. So prioritize that. Exercise. Write your idea lists. Say thank you.

    3. Don't critisize or condemn.

    If someone makes a mistake, help and support them through it. Don't be critical or resentful. It will help you work through it.

    4. Be an example / positive role model.

    If you want your team to work hard, you work hard. Be an example of a hardworker and your team will follow suit.

    5. Think through problems and have contigency plans ahead of time.

    A pilot uses a pre-determined checklist in case of an emergency, but still understands that situations might be dynamic enough. You want to have some of the same checklists in place for common problems you may encounter as a leader in your chosen field.

    6. Learn new leadership skills.

    Take courses, read books. This will help increase your arsenal of tools in a difficult situation. Most importantly remember rule #1: practice staying calm!

    7. Don't skimp on the administrative tasks.

    They are there for a reason; they may seem bureacractic, but they are essential to making sure your company is functioning properly...especially if you're a manager of a larger org.

    8. Don't inundate your team with endless meetings.

    Give them time and space to get their work done!

    9. Don't play favorites.

    Be inclusive; don't have a favorite teammate. Be equal and offer your full supportive self to all of your team.

    10. Advocate for your team.

    Build trust and collaboration and advocate, stand up, and be the voice for your team!

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