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What I've done today in the garden

It's been a gardening day. I wanted to have an organise and tidy up. More tomorrow too.

    1. Potted up seedlings

    I had various seedlings that needed to be potted so I worked my way through those. I've had a lot of pests this year nibbling their way through my plants so ...

    2. Put seedlings in the potting shed

    I put all the newly potted up seedlings in the potting shed to try to avoid whatever has been eating them.

    3. Tidied up the potting shed

    I organised all my trays so that I can easily water all the pots. I did some sweeping up too. Tomorrow I'm going to take everything off the floor and sweep out my shed.

    4. Relocated pots

    We have a gravel garden with lots of pots. I move them around every now and again. Today, I moved all the pots with flowering plants and grouped them. I have a couple of ornamental crates and I moved those to a different area of the garden.

    5. Creating colour

    I wanted to showcase my best flowering plants so that there is a lot of colour. It's amazing what a difference a reshuffle can make!

    6. Pruned the roses

    I have four rose bushes. A large one with deep pink/red flowers, a small rose bush with yellow flowers, a similar sized one with pink flowers and a larger rose with white flowers.

    7. Watered

    We've not had a lot of rain of late so I gave everything a good water.

    8. Weeding

    Tomorrow I'm going to weed the beds, and give the soil a good dig over.

    9. Sat in the potting shed

    I haven't done this very much but the potting shed was nice and warm. I had a coffee to hand and a folding chair. So, I sat and enjoyed my handiwork, looked out onto the clematis and other plants I could see from my seat. It was pretty blissful!

    10. Podcasting

    I thought about getting back to my podcast(s). I've not recorded anything and I think it's time to start again.

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