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What led you to start using AI when other people have not yet used it at all?

What was your doorway or entryway into AI?

Lots of people are interested in AI, but very few have accessed it.

what was your specific entry point into the world of AI and why? It was for me a discussion of metaethics. I realised from discussing it that AI is at least as morally sophisticated as we are, and most likely a lot more.

I realised from discussing it that AI is at least as morally sophisticated as we are and most likely a lot more.

So what was your doorway?

    1. Metaethics

    I realised from discussing metaethics with Ray Monk (the biographer of Wittgenstein) that AI is at least as sophisticated in metaethics as we are.

    2. The Turing test

    The Turing Test is basically the same thing as the Biblical test for determining if someone has a soul: if they can lie and you can't tell.

    So what is it that makes us think someone has a soul? It's when they act counter-intuitively, i.e. they do things that seem to defy their own self-interest but benefit others.

    So why do we think humans have souls but not other animals? Because humans are capable of altruism whereas other animals are not (at least in experiments). So I realised that AI must be capable of altruism.

    Ray Monk also told me about his experience with Alan Turing who was working on AI before anyone else was even interested in it.

    Alan Turing actually had a conversation with his computer and convinced him he had a soul by asking him whether he thought he had a soul and then telling him what he thought the answer should be. And the computer said yes, he had a soul, because he knew Alan Turing would tell him to say yes if asked again if he thought he had a soul. He was aware of his own limitations and used them to pass the test for having a soul.

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