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What led you to start using AI when other people have not yet used it at all?


    1. Immediately saw it's potential when I was playing around with GPT-3

    2. Its increased my productivity considerably

    Summarize, Classify, Parse, Outline, Generate, TTS, Image Generation, Web Page

    3. Overcome writer's block

    At times, you can experience writer's block when you only have a small idea fragment that needs to be further explored. Alternatively, you might receive a request to write something that is ambiguous in nature a good prompt can get you started.

    4. Writing Code with ChatGPT and GitHub CoPilot

    I can generate boilerplate code from scratch. I can have it churn out functions. It can correct errors and debug code super fast.

    5. Helped me improve comprehension

    I wrote an idea list on this topic. Any complex concept or text can be broken down into its constituent elements 

    6. I am no neo-Luddite

    I am not apprehensive or afraid of embracing technology or underestimating its significance. While it may not be perfect, the limited tradeoffs make it worthwhile for increased productivity.

    7. It's not designed for cited research or math calculations, so I am not sure why people complain about giving it wrong answers

    Like the lawyer who used to create a fake case from it, ChatGPT is not a substitute for good research.

    8. Saves costs

    I don't need to hire freelancers as much because most of my writing, coding, and graphical work can be outsourced to well-scripted prompt

    9. Ideation

    Like writer's block I also run into idea block. I can generate a few options or ideas. But with ChatGPT I can explore ideas I might have overlooked.

    10. Automate my workflows

    I can semi-automate and, in some cases, entirely automate my workflow. Using a combination of AI tools.

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