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What makes a great day

I'm always reflecting on how I feel and what I was doing in order to feel that way.  This is a list of what makes me feel best.

What makes a great day

    1. Projects

    The more I create the better I feel.  Writing daily stops me from getting depressed, but writing a joke, making a t-shirt, singing a song, creating a video ect. Makes me feel amazing.  It's a similar feeling to how you would feel after a great workout.  Exhausted, but refreshed.  Drop everything for a day and spend it creating then reflect on how you feel.

    My mum said she feels the same after sewing or gardening.  Find what works for you and do it daily.

    2. Walking

    I could happily walk for hours.  Me my thoughts and the sun.  I think you need to learn to become at peace with your thoughts.  Meditation, journaling and noticing how you talk to yourself are all key aspects to reaching a calm mind. 

    Imagine your mind as an AI.  What you feed it will determine the output. 

    3. Workout

    When I lift weights in the morning the rest of the day always feels better.  

    4. Cooking

    If I cook or eat properly cooked foods I feel a lot better.  Oven foods lead to feeling worse as well as feeling tired.  I get the same feeling eating potatoes, which is a shame because I love potatoes.

    5. Singing/dancing

    If I sing and dance it automatically boost's my mood.  I try to play the ukulele daily.  I'm not great, but that doesn't matter it still makes me feel great.

    I've worked out how to make it sound better, so creating these videos boosts the feeling even more.

    6. Seeing friends

    If I can hang out with friends for a while I feel a lot better.  Making sure I see them throughout the week keeps me happy.

    7. Learning

    If I read or listen to a podcast and learn something I feel a lot better.  It means I've grown a little and growth always makes me feel great.

    8. Sun

    I always feel better in the summer/when it's sunny.  Maybe I should try vitiman D tablet's in winter and see if I feel better.

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