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What makes for a good vs bad WFH day

Working from home was not fun for me during peak pandemic, but I love it now, most of the time.

    1. Good: Working from home because you choose to, not because you’re forced to

    2. Bad: Not having a good setup, especially for video calls, or having to fight over the only good spot with your partner/housemate

    3. Good: Being able to go outside and be in nature easily throughout the day

    4. Bad: Being stuck in an apartment you chose for based on proximity to your office, rather than actually liking the place or the neighborhood

    5. Good: Having plans to look forward to at the end of the work day

    6. Bad: Working long hours and not having any official end to your day

    7. Good: Having a clear system with your partner/housemates to show when interruptions are welcome vs when you really need to focus

    8. Bad: Back to back meetings all day and not scheduling time to eat

    9. Good: Deep focus work time without meetings, with plenty of breaks for food / movement / other stuff

    10. Bad: Construction going on nearby at unpredictable times, extremely loudly

    11. Good: Being able to control the temperature of your workspace (as opposed to being subjected to freezing office AC from April to September)

    12. Bad: Lawn mowers from every nearby neighbor being extremely audible and distracting.

    13. Good: Noise canceling headphones

    14. For me, basically all the bad elements were present for the first stages of the pandemic. Now, I have mostly the good factors! Except for occasional construction and lawnmowers😠. But overall I’m much more set up for successful WFH now.

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