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What makes the show 'Physical' so good

Just finished the first season of 'Physical' on AppleTV. The show is good. It has many different unique elements that made me keep watching.

    1. Internal monologue

    The audience hears the internal monologue of the main character. It never matches what comes out of her mouth so you want to keep watching to see what see says vs what she thinks.

    2. Location

    It is set in San Diego.
    Beach, ocean, palm trees, surfing culture etc.

    3. Hero story arc

    The main character starts off as a housewife, but you know she eventually will become a wealthy popular fitness instructor. How does she get there?

    4. Politics

    The main character is married to person running for political office.

    5. Music

    Set in the 80's. It has a good soundtrack.

    6. Supporting actors

    There are all these other characters that are also messed up and have their own strange problems that you want to learn more about.

    7. Greed

    The main character is a socialist democrat, but also wants to be rich and have a big lifestyle.

    8. Eating disorder

    I do not think I have ever seen a character on TV with an eating disorder that is so prominently displayed.

    9. Stress

    It reminds me a bit of Ozark. Every episode there are 'stakes'. How is she going to get out of this situation?

    10. More

    Every episode leaves me wanting more.

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