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What Meals/Entrees Do You Prepare In Bulk To Enjoy Throughout the week?

There is some repetition here but these are meals that I sometimes plan on freezing or creating leftovers. I have had a Kamado grill for a few years and that is a great tool. Once the grill is fired up it is easy to make 2x or 3x of what you were going for and eat the rest later.


    1. Soup from dried beans (lentil soup)

    Takes a while to cook any amount: easy to make 3x.

    2. Chili from dried beans

    Similar to soup I developed a recipe that takes about 2 easy days to completely cook but I won some prizes with it. 

    3. Ribs on the grill

    4. Pulled pork on the grill

    I start with 18-20 lbs of meat and cook it for 16 hours or so

    5. Chicken drumsticks on the grill

    6. Stir fry

    One pan, lots of veggies 

    7. Soup with added veggies

    Sometimes I plan for leftovers with this one and eat it for 2 days

    8. Fajitas

    My fajitas look suspiciously like my stir fry: same pan and meat, different seasoning 

    9. Chicken breast on the grill

    10. Steak on the grill

    Steak does not reheat well as steak but it does great if you sauté it with some onions and make an omelette or sandwich

    11. Beef brisket on the grill

    In the US this is cut and sold in 6-8 lb sizes: you can also get a "full brisket " which is closer to 16 lbs. these are less forgiving than pork but if you cook it well it is very good.

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