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What Might Happen After Death?


Neti neti - Not this, not this
Luminous - bright and shining, especially in the dark.

    1. Death spooks us.

    What will it be like to die, to go to sleep, and never wake up again?

    2. Death is not like being buried alive.

    The weight of the dirt slowly constricts the chest, making it harder to breathe. 
    Things start to go fuzzy.
    Your oxygen is in short supply.
    Your mouth and nostrils become filled with soil.
    It makes breathing the air, impossible.

    3. Death is not like being in the darkness for eternity.

    4. Death is going to be as if you never existed at all.

    Not only you, but me too, and everything else that now makes up what you call the world.
    You'll discover there never was anything.
    You'll even discover there is no one to regret what you believe you regretted.
    There are no problems.
    There are no worries.
    It's weird for you to imagine that everything stops all at once.
    How does stopping make itself into the picture without a starting place?
    There's no stopping because there was never a starting point.
    It's just nothing. No - Thing.
    Which is the same way it was before you were born. 
    You can go forward or backward as far as you want to go and what you end up with is No Thing. 
    The cycle of birth and death is an illusion. All mind stuff.
    What lets you know that you are here except by contrast with the notion that you once were not here?
    Beyond the abysmal darkness, there is something that you fail to see.
    Beyond all concepts that you've made.
    You meet God with no face.
    But to truly see there must be total trust. A Letting go. Surrendering.

    5. The attitude of faith

    You must let go of all the idols. 
    All idols will bite the dust.
    The universe is exactly what you are.
    It's not the idea or image you hold of yourself.
    You can't grasp it.
    If you could grasp it what would you do with it anyway?
    It's not the "I" you believe yourself to be. You're so much more than you can ever imagine yourself to be.
    The attitude of faith is to stop chasing it.
    When you do an amazing thing happens - you discover or reunite with the ineffable mystery that underlies yourself and the world.

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