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What professions or people are under-appreciated?

What professions or people are under-appreciated?

    1. Security guard

    It must be soooo boring.

    2. Phone shop employee

    Again, I just think it would be so boring, but maybe some of the people working there are into it.

    3. Flight attendant

    I remember hearing about a former classmate who became a flight attendant and thinking "Uh, that's pretty cool". Now I think the opposite. The job itself seems so tiring, boring and stressful (out of all the passengers, I'm sure they get at least one annoying one on each flight), and they don't really get to enjoy the destination anyway.

    4. Police officer

    This probably depends on your politics!

    5. Event volunteers

    A lot of events, such as festivals, get the help of volunteers. I've volunteered at a few festivals (Stockholm International Film Festival, Just For Laughs) and mostly loved it, so I personally have no complaints, but I'm sure tons of volunteers are having a challenging time and people sometimes don't even realize they're volunteers. They're offering their time for free for something they care about (or to improve their CV, or in the case of a volunteer I met at JFL, to fulfil their community service sentence).

    6. Sandwich shop employees

    I would be really stressed out if I had to prepare my customers' food in front of them.

    7. Those people collecting signatures and donations on the street - what are they called?

    Don't get me wrong - I hate them. But that's the thing, everyone hates them. It must be hard to approach people on the street knowing that most of them will ignore you or reject you. Sometimes, the people doing this work really care about the cause. Sometimes I guess it's just a job. I think it's common to get paid according to the number of donations you collect, which must make it extra stressful. That's also what makes some of them a bit cringey; they have to put on a bit of a show to get your attention, be extra friendly in a way that's sometimes uncomfortable.

    8. Cooks

    I would hate to work in a kitchen. Although I did do some kitchen work when I worked at La Brioche Dorée in Montreal, and some of it was okay, but I didn't have to cook anything. I really enjoyed cracking a large number of eggs into a bucket. Fond memories. Of that one particular egg-related thing. Not the rest.

    9. Lawyers

    I think I've read somewhere that it's one of the unhappiest jobs. It's sad to think that so many people get into it for the prestige just to end up miserable. I'm sure lots of lawyers are happy with their jobs, but for those who aren't, it must feel particularly bad. I know lawyers also get a bad rap (depending on their field of expertise). So many of them are doing great work. My mom's friend works with abused women, and I'm pretty sure she's too stressed out by her job to enjoy it, although I don't know her well. But maybe it's worth it if you find purpose in it?

    10. Students who work a minimum wage job

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