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What professions or people are under-appreciated?


    1. Garbage People

    Have been to some third-world countries and they just lit their trash on fire or put it in the street. Looks awful. Can't be sanitary. Would put in this group the people who adopted roads/highways and keep them free of litter.

    2. Water Sanitation

    Unless you live in Flint, Michigan.

    3. Pilots

    They are the type of people who if you don't notice them, they are doing a great job. People don't seem to realize how much responsibility they are holding in the palm of their hands every day they fly.

    4. Road/Sidewalk Pavers/Maintainers

    No one likes terrible roads to drive on. Throw in sidewalks to walk on in here.

    5. Car Mechanics

    Good ones. Who don't take advantage of you. I have one. He's still messed up once or twice, but he's honest and I trust him. Nothing worse than car trouble. Unless you have car trouble and you get screwed.

    6. Teachers

    I don't understand why anyone would want to do this anymore. People are crazy. School systems are crazy. Children are hard to deal with. No thanks. Yes, they might be glorified babysitters, but those people should also be praised and good teachers can have a massive impact on people and society.

    7. Cleaners

    Of homes, offices, and public spaces. Everyone loves a nice and neat area. No one gives these people any respect.

    8. People who go against consensus

    Especially in science and technology. This is how breakthroughs happen that benefits everyone.

    9. Good parents

    What else benefits society like two normal parents who raise decent human beings?

    10. Artists

    Besides science and technology, I believe art of many kinds can impact many people in a positive way.

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