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What should be the next topic for A.J. and James' "Good or Bad" series?

    1. Having kids, good or bad?

    Should you have kids these days? Does the planet need more mouths to feed? Will they bring unparalleled happiness, or do most people secretly wish they'd never had kids?

    2. Saving for a home, good or bad?

    Is home ownership still part of the American dream? Or is it now more of a nightmare?

    3. Investing, good or bad?

    Should I pour my spare cash into crypto/stocks, or stick my cash under the mattress?

    4. Getting married, good or bad?

    Is this the key to happiness? Or a pointless relic from days gone by?

    5. Drinking alcohol, good or bad?

    Should we be drinking as much as we do, if at all? If we have to drink to relax and forget, maybe that's a clue that something deeper needs addressing?

    6. Cell phones, good or bad?

    Is it good to be constantly contactable and on-call 24/7?

    7. Social media, good or bad?

    Has social media done any good for the world? Or how about for people's minds that have barely evolved over thousands of years?

    8. Current relations with Russia, good or bad?

    Is it right to have frosty relations with Russia? Does the world need a strong Russia to fully reach its potential?

    9. The US political system, good or bad?

    People say don't hate the player, hate the game. Is the system that allowed Trump/Biden fit for purpose? What about upper vs lower house?

    10. Being happy, good or bad?

    Is it possible to be happy? Or even desirable? Are people who appear happy unambitious and happy with their lot, or are they just faking it 'til they make it?

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