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What should I do about my $90,000 of federally backed student loan debt?

Currently, all federal student loans are in a holding pattern because of an executive order related to Covid-19. I think it extends through August 2022 but it has been extended several times and will likely be extended through the mid-terms. I need to come up with a plan so I don't stress out about them all the time. They are always in the back of my head, just staring at me.

    1. The wait and see approach. I heard something about Biden forgiving up to $10,000. So don't do anything until after this or something else happens.

    2. Open a non-profit and start to work through it in order to apply to the public service loan forgiveness program after 10 years of payments.

    3. Focus on maximizing my income as much as possible rather than paying off the loans each month and only THEN begin paying off the loans. You know, when it doesn't hurt as much.

    4. Attack the loans as much as possible now with all disposable income. All-out war against debt. The Dave Ramsey method.

    5. Don't pay them back at all?

    6. "Is it worth it to refinance my student loans?": Compare the interest rates of your current loans with those of potential refinancing options to see if it makes financial sense. -AI

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