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What Style of Science Fiction Are You?

Or... What type of Science Fiction do you enjoy?

Science Fiction (or Speculative Fiction) SF is a broad category. Do you enjoy SF at all? Are there certain sub-genres that you gravitate towards? Are others like the Negative Zone? Here are 10 common sub-genres of SF. There are certainly others. Some stories will combine more than one. Others may not fit neatly into a category.

What Style of Science Fiction Are You?

    1. Hard Science Fiction

    Stories that make a real effort to expand on known scientific principles. Think Asimov's I Robot.

    2. Soft Science Fiction

    Same general setting and environment as above but the focus is less on technological advancement and more on social interactions and how society's decisions today may effect tomorrow.

    3. Cyberpunk

    One of my favorites. Often dark and dystopian with lots of neon. Cybernetic personal enhancements are common. Think Bladerunner.

    4. Space Opera

    Everyone is familiar with this one and what many people think of when you say Science Fiction. Star Wars and Star Trek are great examples.

    5. Military SF

    This can take either a hard, soft, or even operatic approach but is underpinned by its military overtones and how the military fits into the larger world

    6. Steampunk

    Another very popular genre. Mix Victorian England with fantastic mechanical inventions and adventures. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman is a good example. A westernized version might be The Wild, Wild West.

    7. Apocalyptic

    Self-explanatory. The Road Warrior, The Walking Dead, Damnation Alley are all good examples.

    8. Time Travel

    Again, pretty clear definition with well-known tropes. Paradox and the Butterfly Effect are often topics of stories set here.

    9. Alternate History

    Often uses one military turning point as a jumping off point to create a whole new reality. Harry Turtledove is one of the masters here.

    10. Science Fantasy

    Dwarven asteroid miners and Elves with their laser bows. You get the idea.

    11. As for me...

    I enjoy pretty much all SF. I grew up with the "Hard Masters" like Asimov, and Clarke. Greg Bear and his brand of "hard-SF" led me into the glitz and gutter of Cyberpunk. And of course, who doesn't like the story of princesses, rogues, and a farm boy with a laser sword?

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