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What to do if you feel stuck? No Head way

There are a couple of things I presently feel stuck and wish I could just get a hand out.

But looking at things clearly I find the solutions to most of our problems are not handouts or favours.

It takes understanding our problems and getting to the root of those problems that we can find a sustainable way out.

Take for example, I wanted to affiliate a particular program – they had a requirement which I didn’t meet.

But I simply decided to email them and make my complaints. Luckily I got a reply. She followed me through until I had met the requirements (almost fully).

I was allowed on a personal grace rather than for full requirements.

But what’s funny is I haven’t gone back to try to use their platform or promote any products.

I found my main concern wasn’t a handout but truly understanding what I wanted and devising a plan to take action regardless of the platform I used.

10 things to do when you feel stuck

    1. Make a plan

    Reevaluate everything you had planned before and take deeper moments to do some planning.

    E.g. for posts like this on NotePd I plan to use no more than an hour and write at a certain period as against randomly.

    With that as a plan - my mind knows it has a deadline to pour out ideas for the day.

    2. Get back to the basics

    What do you feel stuck at? Was there any step you skipped to get you where you are right but is important now?

    Take a look back at how things are going – what needs to be trashed right away and those that show a really good potential.

    And finally learn to be content with what you have. Once you learn to be content with what you have, you will no longer feel stuck. You will be able to move forward in life because you will not be held back by your possessions.

    3. Focus on the widely important

    Stress can make you focus on trivial details and feeling more lost.

    I remember revising for a test back then in school and I was fixated on a particular page which I later found was not important.

    A smarter kid glanced at what I was doing – and suggested I should focus on the most important and my head immediately clicked.

    4. Help others:

    When you focus on helping others, it can take the focus off of your own problems and make you feel better about yourself.

    Any wonder the most "selfish" people on earth are always the ones feeling the most stuck.

    5. Ask more Strategic questions

    I remember a friend contacting and asking me really "googleable" questions.

    First I answered one or two – next I reminded him Google was free and I could only attend to “strategic questions”

    So he should bear this in mind when asking questions and i saved both of us the headache. The ones who can ask smarter questions go faster in life.

    So you gotta Read books/Youtube videos/ courses to ask smarter questions.

    You can update your knowledge by getting access to more resources from various Experts which can help you understand your situation and take better decisions.

    Fact is when you're feeling stuck, talking to someone who is creative or has been in a similar situation can give you some great ideas. Sometimes all it takes is hearing someone else's perspective to jumpstart your own creative journey.

    6. Network with others

    Most successful people pride on having masterminds to help them sharpen their skills.

    Networking cures the “alone” mentality of people when we’re stressed or feel stuck in certain situations.

    Plus its a cheat-method to picking the brain of others while engaging in random conversations.

    7. Follow your heart

    Are you doing things you’re not proud of that is making you feel stuck?

    Learn to start choosing yourself and following your heart that gives you a sense of freedom.

    8. Become Transparent

    Accept to be vulnerable again. And it becomes easy for others to help you.

    Remember most good you do even for others is beyond putting a smile on other’s faces but good for your soul.

    9. Stop stressing

    Sometimes when you feel like you're stuck, it's because you've been pushing yourself too hard. Give yourself a day or two off to relax and rejuvenate, and you'll likely find that your creative juices start flowing aga

    Stop the worries and taking life too seriously. Sometimes you just need to go to bed earlier.

    Engage in some self care, soul search etc.

    10. Find Alternatives

    Most times when we’re stuck – we’re fixating on a particular solution.

    What if something is better and is less stressful than what you know presently.

    Whatever you ask – you find ….so look out for alternatives.

    If you feel like you've tried everything and are still getting nowhere, sometimes the best solution is to do something completely different.

    Try a new activity, go somewhere you've never been before, or meet someone you haven't interacted with before.

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