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What to do with fake coins

I bought a bunch of Standing Liberty Silver Dollars for about $2 each. I was pretty sure they'd be fake, and when I got them, turns out they were. Now what should I do with them? Are they even legal?

    1. put them in tip jars

    This would probably be kind of cruel because they would think it's real. Maybe only if I get bad service.

    2. use it to make decisions

    Keep it in my pocket and flip it to make decisions. I have enough that I could put one in the pockets of all my pants.

    3. drill a hole in it and wear it around my neck with a big chain like a broke rapper

    4. use it to scratch of lottery tickets

    5. drop them in the sand for people to find with metal detectors

    6. throw them at people I don't like

    7. see if I can melt them down and make costume jewelry

    8. bring back POG and use them as slammers

    9. sell them to people on NotePD

    Just pay shipping and $2 and I'll send you one :)

    10. make a YouTube video about them

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