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What to do with FIMO

FIMO is a colorful polymer clay that can be burned in an oven. I bought some a while ago, and the only things I 've already made are a penguin and a keychain.


    1. Figurines

    Animals of all kinds, dinosaurs, potted plants

    2. Keychains

    3. Small figures you can stick on pencils

    4. Lucky charms for your pocket

    5. Characters that look like humans

    Maybe like the people who get them as gifts

    6. Earrings

    7. Necklaces

    8. Something to hang on a string as a cat toy

    9. Models of objects

    Laptop, sneaker, armchair, bathtub

    10. Mini objects as inserts for greeting cards

    11. Call out a challenge and implement your ideas

    12. Zodiac signs

    13. Colorful monsters

    With lots of claws and teeth

    14. Motifs for fridge magnets

    Palm trees, cars, cat heads

    15. Rings

    16. Buddha figures

    17. Garden gnomes

    18. Small containers or mini boxes

    19. Accessories for Lego or Playmobil

    20. "FIMO tableware": Impress your guests by creating stunning tableware out of FIMO.

    This one is from the AI

    21. "FIMO home decor": Create beautiful and modern home decor items with FIMO.

    Another one from the AI

    22. Mobiles

    Flying birds or planes + bamboo sticks and cords

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