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What to say at a first time coffee date

I haven't met this girl yet. She friended me on Facebook. She lives in my town. I messaged her to ask if we knew one another. She wrote No that I was a "suggested friend." I'm thinking, Okay... that's a bit different. We messaged sparsely for a couple of days. I asked her if she wanted to meet for a coffee or something light. She said Yes. We're meeting at the local coffee shop this week. I'm thinking about what I should say. What will I lead off with? Here are some ideas:

What to say at a first time coffee date

    1. What are you excited about?

    I use these at networking events. It works. Not sure if it's a good lead-off with an attractive woman.

    2. Was it the pink polo I'm wearing in my profile pic?

    Then I would inquire about how she came to find me. Maybe I'd say it like this:

    So let me get this right... You were on Facebook, and as Facebook does, you were served my profile as a "suggested friend," when you were, you clicked my profile, and what you saw was impressive enough that you clicked, Add friend - do I have that right?

    3. How long have you lived in Kalamazoo?

    We both live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It's not that big of a town, and I feel I've met at least half the residents. I've lived in Kalamazoo since 2007. How haven't we met yet? (my hunch is that she's a decade younger, which might be why).

    4. What's a day in the life look like for you?

    This will tell me a lot about her. I will listen closely for a branch to find affinity.

    5. Before I arrived I Googled, "best first date conversation starters"

    ...And wrote down five of the best or most ridiculous ones that immediately jumped at me. Are you interested in looking at them together and choosing a couple? I think this might be fun.

    6. What music is currently in your listening rotation?

    Likewise, I could ask the same thing, but instead of music, it could be podcasts or TV shows.

    7. What are your ideas?

    The train has come off the tracks. Time is up. That's all the ideas I have. Do you have ideas for this coffee date to help get the interaction off to a good start?

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