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What Topics Raise Your Voice to Passion?

    1. The idea of "belief"

    2. The idea of "compassion"

    3. The idea of "truth"

    4. The idea of "justice"

    5. The idea of "evil"

    What is evil
    How do we recognize it
    What are some historical examples
    How can we avoid it
    What are the signs that someone is becoming evil
    Can we change
    Is there a cure for evil
    Can you be partly evil and partly good
    Are all actions either good or evil even if they seem ambiguous
    Is the middle ground between good and evil a dangerous place to be?

    6. What is a master, guru, teacher, etc

    And what is the role of these in society
    And what makes for a good one
    And how does one know when to leave such a relationship
    And how does one know when to trust such a person

    7. The concept of future proofing and why people don't do it but should (and how). Also, future proofing vs present hedonism. How can you futureproof without losing the present moment (which I don't think is possible but I'm not sure). Why d

    I think about these things all the time but I have no answers other than try to stay as flexible as possible so you can adapt to whatever comes your way regardless of where it's headed (but again, I am totally unsure if that's even possible).

    There's also an aspect here about happiness and sadness and trying to balance both in life so that neither becomes overwhelming or unhealthy. Which leads me to....

    8. The concept of sadness and its role in life. Why does sadness exist at all? Does it serve any purpose? Is there ever a time when sadness becomes unhealthy or dangerous or toxic or destructive?

    I've had my share of sadness over the years and sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me because of it (or maybe just because I wish there was less) . But then again, perhaps my moments of great creativity have come from my periods of sadness. Perhaps those who seem happiest are often not as creative as those who seem sadder but more balanced with their emotions overall. Perhaps those who never feel sad have become numb to their own lives so they don't notice things which might lead them towards creativity if only they noticed them more intently rather than just going through life like zombies on autopilot because they fear feeling too much pain associated with loss and disappointment (which always comes eventually anyway).

    Is this just another way for me to rationalize my own moments/years/lifetime(s) worth of sadness ? Or am I learning from them ? Or both ? 1

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