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What “tweaks” I would apply in Bayern

    1. Voucher replacement for coins

    I hate amount of coins they are dealing with. Sure, it‘a a sustainable type of money but it’s not convenient. At least for me. So I would introduce some voucher replacement in case you have amount of change after your purchase. Pros: you are not surfing around the streets with your pockets ringing as you would be some kind of leprechaun. Cons: sustainability, fraud issues

    2. A sign for a bicycle rider that they are a learning and not that proficient yet.

    So this person would not face a stress at the bike lanes when someone is constantly ringing and yelling cause he/she moves too slow and carefully.

    3. Get rid of coins for laundromats.

    One more time about the coins. Oh boy, having a laundry machine in your basement which the whole building is using is not a problem at all. But finding 50 cents coins to use it is a pain in the ass. Do it cashless. please

    4. Reduce amount of paper they are using

    In some way they are all about recycling, ecology and blah blah blah, but why the fuck you are still using that many paper. For even smallest and most useless purposes. Bank card pin code, DHL registration, bank statement. That’s crazy.

    5. Use water filters across all the building

    You have a water supply straight from Alpes, that‘s cool, but anyways it’s crazy hard, it destroys all kitchen devices, sinks, bathtub, walls. It’s not ok to use it in a tap form anyway.

    6. Say yes to Air Condition

    Fuck the building exterior.

    7. Increase the working hours of groceries stores

    8. Don’t cut the grass in the parks

    In this case the sun would burn the shit out of it in

    9. Immediate pier to pier payments should be a default option

    10. You should really reconsider the presence of the air vents in the building. It’s weird you don’t have them.

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