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Collin Harness


What websites and organizations do you wish existed?

    1. Master Me

    A website that allows me to quickly master any topic or habit.

    2. More income

    A website that pays me for being me.

    3. At home healthcare

    A doctor can come to your house and perform surgery so you never have to leave and go anywhere.

    4. Your new business

    Start a new profitable business within five minutes.

    5. Next steps

    Enter your goal and where you are right now and the site gives you your nexts to reach your goal.

    6. Green Energy

    You sign up for the program and a team comes and makes your life completely 'green'.

    7. Metaverse: 'You'

    This one might be a little out there.

    I know the basics of the Metaverse, but not the logistics.

    I want to go to a website where I can go sign up and it will build my own personal Metaverse and then people can come into my Metaverse and I can go into other people's Metaverse.

    Collin Coin. Collin NFTs. Collin games, concerts, experiences etc.

    Build and monetize my own metaverse.

    8. Brand

    Similar to the metaverse idea.

    What do I need to do to become a 'brand'?

    I want to sign up for a website, answer a few question and become a brand that could be monetized.

    9. My medical history

    Allow users to upload their DNA and periodic health information: blood tests, blood pressure etc.

    What diseases an I susceptible to? What actions do I need to take to be healthier? How do I prepare for my health future?

    10. Experiment tracker

    If I am going to do James 10,000 experiments then I need a place to track my experiments and their results.

    11. Business builder

    Put in my business idea and go from zero to IPO

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