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What Websites do you Use Daily?

A List of websites I use in my work and play!

    1. Google Drive

    I use Google Drive to connect with podcasting clients. They upload audio and copy there, I edit and store episodes in various shared drives, so clients can have access to produced shows.

    2. Google Sheets

    I edit and co-host a daily podcast. Google Sheets are essential to keep all parties inline with shows that are upcoming, yet to be produced and recorded, if social media posts have been made, and where to find links to all episodes

    3. Twitter

    Twitter is a great place to learn from others. But it can also be a time-suck if you fall down a rabbit hole. I have to scroll it sparingly, but I do post there regularly.

    4. Amazon.com

    Do I even go to the store anymore? (yes, but increasingly find better deals on Amazon)

    5. DrudgeReport

    Drudge isn't my favorite news spot, but its a good place to glance at headlines

    6. Typeshare.co

    I have begun using Typeshare for Twitter threads and "Atomic Article" writing.

    7. Medium

    Medium is a great website to find articles on various interesting topics - In this season I'm reading about note-taking, PKM and working with the app called "Obsidian"

    8. Facebook

    Less and less time here, but I still have a couple pages I maintain, and have to spend 24 hours once every year replying to Birthday messages.

    9. Liberated Syndication (Libsyn)

    Libsyn is a Podcast host for all of my podcast clients. They have a great service, and I like their new UI.

    10. Youtube.com

    I usually find different music to stream during my working day. Its nice to have some mellow tunes in my ears.

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