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What websites/apps do you use daily?

Aside from NotePD, which is now a daily visit.

    1. Tradingview.com

    Free financial charting software. Just for the basics.

    2. TweetDeck.twitter.com

    Use twitter as my news source. Really don't like the native app/software. TweetDeck should be the normal twitter software.

    3. Reminders App - iPhone

    Anything that has to be done in the next week or so, I keep her. The reminders have saved me more times than I can count. Also, write stuff in a notebook, but the phone rings at you!

    Key is don't put too much stuff! Only time sensitive, or you'll spend all day fumbling and changing reminder times.

    4. Reddit

    Don't use much social media, but reddit is my dumb, brainless browsing. I don't comment, just scroll.

    Have found some gems there. It is great for searching for reviews about things. Or just finding funny/uplifting videos.

    Don't get too involved, like many social media sites, it can be a cesspool.

    5. DrudgeReport.com

    One of the first aggregate news sites. Check once or twice a day to get an idea of what the relevant stories are going on in the US.

    6. Mint.com

    Don't use this daily, but it is a fantastic site to gain an idea of your total financial picture. There are a few competitors (personalcapital.com), but don't think anyone is as good as Mint.

    7. YouTube/Twitch

    Been learning a new skill and much of the work is covered here.

    I don't really like Twitch. There is too much going on.

    YouTube is simpler and I've used it for longer, so maybe that's why I struggle with Twitch. Although, I am impressed with the amount of people who stream on Twitch. Not just gaming fields. Musicians and many others will "hangout" there.

    8. Gmail

    Wish they still had 'Inbox,' which was an old email productivity app Google discontinued a few years ago.

    Gmail is simple, I have a few different email accounts, but wish they still had Inbox!

    9. LastPass

    LastPass is a password manager. It is one of the only things I pay for on the internet.

    Saves a ton of time and makes more complex passwords, that you do not have to remember. Highly recommend if you struggle managing passwords.

    10. Pocket

    Pocket allows you to 'save for later' any website or article on the internet.

    I don't use it enough, but I really like it.

    I love to read, but when I don't have time, instead of emailing myself a link, I just 'send to pocket' and read something later.

    Check it out.

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