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What websites/apps do you use daily?

More or less in the order I use them

    1. The Times of London

    I love this app, and not only for the news: it's my personal window into everything British.

    2. Twitter

    I have mixed feelings for Twitter: it's like one of those kitchen implements that you keep using but you haven't figured out what they are really for.

    3. Revolut

    The best banking app I've ever used, the example of how Fintech eats banks for breakfast. In these days I look at my crypto portfolio and cry a little, but it's another story.

    4. Linkedin

    Because everyone I work or worked with is there.

    5. Clash of Clans

    I play it for few months, then I delete it, then I reinstall it and play it again. This has been going on for years.

    6. BBC Weather

    It's a necessity for any Italian living in London, we don't want to feel cold or wet.

    7. Instagram

    Those cat videos are my quick fix for anxiety.

    8. Lichess

    Mostly for chess puzzles. I play some game every now and then, but I'm not a good sport - chess can make me irrationally angry.

    9. Yahoo Finance

    Mostly to see how the pound keeps up with the euro.

    10. Amazon

    What's best in life? Window shopping on everything I could be curious about, without leaving my comfy chair.

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