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Bill Bergeman


What were your best decisions last year?

    1. Quitting my job.

    I've never felt better about my life than I do now.

    2. Reading the Edmund Morris trilogy of Theodore Roosevelt biographies.

    Utterly fascinating human being and a well-researched, well-written profile

    3. Running a 50-mile race.

    Super fun!

    4. Starting writing as a side hustle and as a hobby.

    I still have a lot to learn and probably far more I should be doing but I'm having fun.

    5. Selling my house.

    I made an enormous profit and I no longer have the weight of a mortgage tying me down.

    6. Getting rid of 50% of my belongings.

    I did this in conjunction with selling my house, and it was a big weight lifted off my shoulders to minimize my things.

    7. Traveling throughout the Western U.S.

    Great times!

    8. Taking three months to get clear on my values and preferences.

    I read a lot of personality books and did a lot of journaling.

    9. Joining a writing group.

    Met some great peeps who are on a similar journey.

    10. Moving out of Phoenix.

    Phoenix was amazing 20 years ago but now it's turned into a smaller version of Los Angeles - it's incredibly crowded, there's not remotely enough housing, there is poverty everywhere you turn, and don't even get me started on the traffic. Also, I hope you enjoy litter and smog, because there's plenty of it there.

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