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What were your worst experiences at jobs you worked at?

    1. As a teacher

    Realizing that a 17 year old, with some developmental disability, that I didn't really understand, forgot the concept of a ruler. He had a ruler in his hands, and I could not explain to him how it worked. It just made me realize how much people struggle who are generally not part of society 

    2. As a furniture mover

    Watching one of my coworkers, who was probably blackout drunk, throw a circular saw on top of a piano. It was not pretty.

    3. As a teacher

    Learning that the 16-year-old that was demonstrating her new Twerking skills in class three months earlier was now pregnant.

    4. As a film colorists

    I was working with a client, and he was joking With how long I took to work, and it was costing him money. I made the mistake of leaning into the joke, and saying yes, and demonstrated how I took so long. He was silent. I really didn't do it on purpose, but that was a low point in my client relations. 

    5. As a bartender

    I was only 19 years old and really only knew how to pour beer and I had no business being a bartender. On the second day the business owner said please don't come back and accused me of stealing $20 from the night before. I was devastated because I didn't steal $20.

    6. As a budding software developer

    Getting fired, because there was a slow down in the work, and the other guy knew how the phone system worked. I never completely solved the problem, but I made sure that from then on I was as useful as I could be.

    7. As a pizza delivery guy in 1985

    I was trying to fill my car with gas and the pump didn't work and so I was fiddling with a pump and I was rushing because I had some pizzas in the car. The gas station owner came out and accuse me of filling the car and then bailing. That is not what I was doing, but I felt bad because I could not prove otherwise.

    8. As a summer yard worker

    I was working for my friend in New Hampshire and we were painting a deck. The deck was two different colors. I spilled a half a gallon of the wrong color paint onto the deck. That was not a good day.

    9. Running my own business selling a product

    Getting ripped off by a distributor. This is very painful because the two major distributors told me that I needed to use this guy who is an aggregator. He always struck me as a slime and I sent him $3000 worth of inventory and he never paid me for it. That inventory was listed and sold in front of my own inventory until it sold through so it just added insult to injury.

    10. First failed business

    Just realizing that I was not going to get enough customers doing what I was doing and I had to stop because I had to support my family.

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