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What "Working On Yourself" Really Means

I'm at a stage in my life where the most common advice is "You should just work on yourself for a little bit." That advice couldn't possibly be more vague. This list is an attempt to translate it into my own life.


    1. Write down every interest, hobby, or experience that interests you

    Now is the time to explore. Figure out what you like, and what you don't. Write it down whether it's something you've tried or want to try. This is your go-to list. This is your go-to place for figuring out who you are.

    2. Find 12 books to read for the year. Read them. Think about them.

    This is part of exploring your interests and curiosities. It's part of the balance. It's part of finding out more about the subjects you love, and exploring good stories. All of it. You're not limited to just these 12 books for a year. But these will be what help you grow.

    3. Learn to Enjoy Alone Time

    The voice in your head is the voice you'll hear more than any other voice. With some work, it doesn't have to be mean. You can learn to enjoy doing the things that you'd do with other people, alone. Go out for dinner. Watch your favorite movie. Go for a walk.

    4. Find a Guiding Project

    Is there a project that you've been wanting to complete? Something you can sink some time into and find purpose? Now is the time.

    5. Seek Out New Experiences

    Now is the time to try new stuff. It can be small like cooking a new meal. it can be trying something new like ax throwing, or a familiar museum in Chicago. It could be...

    6. Travel

    It's time to go places. See some new stuff. Let's see a few more states. Let's leave the country.

    7. Financial Security

    Job, freelance, find other sources of residual income.

    8. Exercise. Eat Healthy

    Healthy habits just make me feel better. Exercise. Raise the heart rate. Eat better. Repeat.

    9. Focus on Friendships

    Make the phone calls. Go places. Talk to people. Maintain the friendships I have. Grow new ones. Find people with common interests.

    10. Limit Vices and Bad Habits

    Sometimes addition by subtraction is a thing. Let's limit/get rid of the bad habits to establish clarity.

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