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What Would An Adventure Factory Be?

I stumbled across the phrase 'Adventure Factory' somewhere in my random thoughts. I don't know what I was trying to come up with then, but maybe I'll flesh out the concept here.

What Would An Adventure Factory Be?

    1. Travel

    Adventures generally involve a change of scenery, so an Adventure Factory would have to at least be part travel agency or provide some kind of destination curation.

    2. Skill

    Adventures are for the skilled. If the adventurer has the skills needed already, job's done. However, if skills need development, then an adventure factory would have to have some kind of educational curriculum.

    3. Adversity

    Both courses and trips would have an element of risk or danger, but to be a viable business, it would need safety guidelines and insurance.

    4. Mystery/Problem Solving

    An adventure isn't necessarily straight-forward; to complete it you may have to use your brain. The adventure factory's products would have to have a puzzle/game/mystery element to them.

    5. Teamwork

    The best adventures in fiction often involve a rag-tag group of misfits, so curating experiences to a highly diverse customer base would be ideal. Making them inclusive is a great goal.

    6. Solo

    Some quests are solo-quests - so packages for individuals would be needed too.

    7. The Hero's Journey

    The Hero's Journey as described by Joseph Campbell is a story archetype with elements like the call to action, crossing the threshold, etc. This structure could be used to design adventure.

    8. Wonder

    There needs to be an "oooh.... aaaaaah... ohhh" factor that is introduced by technology or some never seen before scenery.

    9. Saving The World

    An adventure can have stakes that go beyond the adventurers themselves. Whether it's money to charity or work being done for justice or conservation, the adventure product should leave the world a better place.

    10. Glory

    A celebration, a medal, accolades, kissing the princess, that kind of thing.

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