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Ann Beaudet


What would an ideal retirement community look like?

An ideal retirement community would have a raised garden bed outside to grow healthy veggies and herbs and pretty flowers.

    1. Fitness and Fun

    It would have fitness classes like 'chair yoga' so you could still get exercise while seated without worrying about losing your balance and falling. Also it would have performers (made up of residents)playing sound bowls during the yoga

    2. Laughter Galore

    All televisions would play comedies all day and comedians would come in to perform for the residents.

    3. Privacy and Perks

    Everyone would have their own private suite with a little bell to pull if they need help from the nurse. This would increase happiness for the residents so they could stay in their room and read or nap if they want. Perks like fresh flowers and beverages would be ideal.

    4. Pets and Projects

    There would be various service dogs snd cats for the residents to cuddle. There would be a workshop and crafts classes supervised by an artist.

    5. Parties and Plays

    There would be decorations and celebrations for Valentine's Day snd Hallowe'en and Afternoon Teas with Fancy China and plays performed by school kids.

    6. Coffee Shop With Large Print Book Library

    A place to sit and visit with family that looks like a coffee shop so it's classy and comfortable, and also has books to read if you go alone

    7. A grocery store and gift shop

    A store is handy if you feel like buying a snack or a gift for the grandkids

    8. A Registered Massage Therspist and Hairdresser

    The residents could book services if desired

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