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What would an ideal retirement community look like?

Describe a place that you would want to live in yourself. How would it be paid for? What kinds of activities would be there? What kinds of food would be available, what kind of living arrangements? What kind of medical care would be available what kind of progressive care would be available as people continue to age? 

    1. Housing

    A community where housing is cheap because it's all self-contained.

    2. Nobody lives alone

    People live in groups of 10 or 15. They rotate every 6 months so everyone gets to know everyone.

    3. Self-contained apartments.

    Each apartment is a self-contained unit with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and an outdoor area for eating and socializing.

    4. Shared amenities

    The 10 apartments would be adjacent to each other so they can share the amenities like the gym, the pool, etc.

    5. Food co-ops and restaurants galore!

    There are food co-ops everywhere so people can buy food in bulk at discount prices (because they are buying in bulk). There are also restaurants everywhere so you never have to cook if you don't want to.

    6. The gym is free but...there's a catch!

    The gym is free but there's no equipment. You have to build your own equipment using open source plans that are available on the internet. It's up to you whether you build them or not but the idea is that if you do then it will be easier for you to exercise later on when you move into your own apartment and don't want to pay extra for a gym membership anymore.

    7. The library is free but...there's a catch!

    The library is free but there are no books (except maybe one book - "How I Gave Up Reading"). Instead, there are lots of computers where anyone can go online and learn anything they want for free through MOOCs or by watching documentaries on YouTube or reading articles on Wikipedia or whatever else they feel like learning about (and this will keep them busy forever). Again, it's up to them if they do this but it's an option if someone wants more activities than just hanging out at the food co-op or eating at restaurants all day long.

    8. What about medical care? There's...a catch!

    Medical care is provided for free but only if a doctor deems that your death would be imminent within 24 hours after eating anything available at any food co-op in the world. So basically, if you get sick then go eat whatever foods you'd like until you die within 24 hours after eating those foods and then medical care will be provided for that ailment until your death occurs (if it does). This keeps costs down dramatically since otherwise people would just eat junk food all day long until their ailments were cured by natural means instead of paying doctors endlessly for medicine that may or may not work anyway (since doctors don't know either). And again, there will always be new MOOCs available online about how certain foods cure certain ailments so people can learn this information as well (again keeping them busy forever). Note : I'm not sure what happens with aging/death when this occurs since I haven't thought that part through yet. Maybe aging doesn't happen as quickly? Or maybe when someone hits 100 years old they just start over again at 0 years old? Or maybe we figure out anti-aging technology before this retirement community exists and we use it here? Who knows! But these are all things we'll figure out along the way anyway once this type of community becomes popular enough that we start experimenting with different ideas on how these things should work out when people age beyond 100+.

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