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What would be my dream job

I want a new job. Every suggestion just seems more draining than the next. So what exactly would I like to do? 

Knowing what I want is the first step in knowing how to get there. 

    1. Teacher /professor

    I loved teaching. Younger kids are fun and it's rewarding watching them grow. 

    I'd love to double down on a subject and teach t a professor level. I enjoy animation, teaching, psychology and phylosophy. I could double down 

    On any of those fields (possibly more if I think about it). 

    2. Animator

    It was my dream to work in animation. I wasn't fussed about what area, but after graduation and a lot of regections I gave up. I've animated for fun and wrote up ideas for cartoons since then. Is it worth looking back into it? 

    3. Programmer

    Those skills could allow me to make my own website /app /game ect. Maybe on the one person level they'd never take off. Maybe coding all day 

    Would drive me insane. 

    4. Comedian

    I think my jokes are better than a lot of comedians. If I perform in the 

    Right places maybe I could kick off and become big. Would I then need to tone down my humour, I don't want that. Maybe the freedom I have now is better. 

    5. Comics

    Again anything in that field. I love comics. Newspapers are a dying art though, do people still read stripes? 

    Maybe I could find a new way for folk to enjoy them. 

    6. Film director

    I'd love to make a film. Maybe I'll make a short one for fun. I wouldn't have a clue on how to market it though. 

    7. Owner

    I think I could run a company. I'm smart enough to see better ways of doing tasks and I'm sure I can easily teach others how to perform these tasks and even view problems through a new lens allowing for multiple staff working towards better systems. 

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