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Collin Harness


What would you recommend to see and/or do in Hawaii?

Hawaii is definitely worth a visit in your lifetime. 

    1. Lots of snorkeling

    It's the ocean. There are so many different things to see. 

    2. Luoa

    They do the traditional Hawaiian dances, feed you great food and then at the end do the fire dance. 

    3. Sunsets in different locations

    On the beach, on top of the mountain, while you eat dinner. 

    4. Sailboat excursion

    They drive you to different snorkel locations, feed you breakfast and lunch and then drive you around the islands. 

    And the boat is a lot smoother than you would imagine.

    5. Park your butt on the beach

    It's an island relax

    6. Do lots of hikes

    Hawaii has many different landscapes.

    Get into nature walk through the bamboo forest.

    Or on top of a mountain. 

    7. Road to Hana

    This is specifically Maui, but I'm sure each island has its own version. A long windy road that has lots of waterfalls and goes through the jungle. 

    8. Lava Tubes along the road

    It was hard to find but they are there. 

    Essentially caves that would act as passage ways for lava. Creepy, beautiful, otherworldly and then opens into the jungle. 

    9. Banana Bread

    There are lots of banana bread stands and they are all good. 

    10. Costco run before you get to your hotel

    Hawaii has Costco and Walmart so stock up. 24 water bottles. Rash guard shirt. Sunscreen. Snorkel gear, it is a Lot cheaper to buy than to rent. 

    11. The Mountain top - Haleakala

    It is a U.S. National Park. They never disappoint. Another long windy road, but worth it. Sunrise or sunset.

    I believe it is over 10,000 feet up. And it gets really cold up there so bring lots of blankets or a coat and pants. 

    12. The blowhole

    Again Maui specific. The ocean waves hit up against the rocks and the ocean water pressure builds up and then explodes through a hole in the rocks.

    Oh and there are all the black crabs surrounding the area, I guess feeding off the ocean water minerals? Again lots of lava rocks

    13. Great food

    Hawaii has lots of good food. You can grab something at the grocery store and just have a picnic outside or eat at a few fancy restaurants.

    The Pour House

    Maui Burgers - takeout only 

    The Four Seasons 

    14. Parasailing

    You get into a parachute and the boat pulls and it lifts you into the sky.

    15. Biking

    Hawaii has lots of great landscape, do a bike ride through one of 2 areas.

    But be warned Hawaii is not flat there are some hills you might have to go up and down. 

    16. Find the black sand beach and the red sand beach

    Time for a hunt. 

    17. Chill in your hotel room overlooking the ocean

    Have a cocktail.

    Watch a program.

    Maybe more... 

    Save up your money and stay in a nice hotel with a nice view. It is worth it. 

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