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Bill Bergeman


What would your 10 years old self be sad to know that you let go of or no longer do?

    1. Studying the Bermuda Triangle.

    I was fascinated with this when I was 10 and read all about it.

    2. Playing Atari 2600!

    All of you 80's kids out there know what I'm talking about. I still own mine buried in the back of a closet. I swear that thing is going to be worth millions someday. I played it all the time when I was 10. Donkey Kong! Pac-Man! Asteroids!

    3. Interest in politics.

    The Iran/Contra scandal and the Oliver North hearings were all over TV when I was 10 and I used to watch it every day. Of course, I had no idea what was going on (honestly that thing was so complicated I still don't totally get it) but from then until about six years ago I was captivated by politics. Now I don't care.

    4. Riding my bike everywhere.

    I don't even own a bike anymore; I traded it for running everywhere.

    5. Playing kickball.

    I think it's okay I let this one slide.

    6. Dogs.

    I loved dogs then, and I still do, but I don't want one for myself. I'm perfectly fine playing in the park with my friend's dogs but not having to deal with everything else that goes along with owning a pet.

    7. Playing the saxophone.

    I started playing at 10 and loved it so much that I grew up to study music and became a musician, but that part of my life is long gone now.

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