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What You Give You Receive - The best idea EVER

If the world understood this one indisputable truth, it would change instantaneously.

You are the world.

What You Give You Receive

Having understood the statement above, you will ALWAYS BE MUCH BETTER OFF if you give blessing, love, and kindness rather than its opposites.

There are many non-monetary gifts that you can give to anyone. Here are some just to name a few:

A smile, hug, compliment, hope, wisdom, kind words, service, encouragement, understanding, listening, blessing, love, forgiveness, time, and attention.

    1. You can't give what you don't have. You must be in possession of the thing to give it away.

    Giving is proof positive that you already have it.

    The giver should always be thankful that he had the blessing to give.

    You cannot doubt that you must first be in possession of what you would give but there's a part two to giving that you misunderstand.

    There's a part that you misperceive.

    2. The misperception -Now they've got it and you don't.

    Having had it and now given it to someone else you believe you've lost whatever you possessed previously.

    The Truth: When you give you increase what you possessed. This is one of the singular and most major errors in thinking and confusion in the entire world.

    If you would clear up this one thing in your mind I guarantee your life would be different.

    I understand the confusion. When you give a finite thing away (something that you can perceive with your five senses) your eyes will tell you that what you gave away is no longer yours.

    However, the truth is that everything that you see in your physical world is nothing more than a reflection in your own mind.

    I'm sure that you will agree that when you give ideas away you strengthen them in your own mind.

    If I talk to you about how wonderful you are I strengthen these thoughts about you in my own mind. Once I share my thoughts about you with you they haven't left my own mind - they've increased. You're now more endearing to me than you were previously.

    3. Anything you give must be returned to you and it cannot be in a less acceptable form, it must be more.

    If you smile you will discover that the whole world smiles back at you.

    If you attack, you will feel forms of attack from the world and it will always be more than what you gave.

    You're not going to believe me when I tell you this works and I welcome any doubting minds. If you practice it you'll be able to see the miraculous things that occur in your life that will remove all doubts.

    Your giving will increase your own store and in addition to that, you've made it better for someone else. A true win/win for all parties involved.

    Said another way, you can't beat God-giving.

    The best way to protect everything you value is to give it away and then you can be assured that you will never lose it. This is so foreign to your thinking that giving away something is the best way to ensure that you have it.

    Key point: Don't value the form. Why? Because the form will change and grow unrecognizable in time no matter how much time you spend trying to keep whatever you value safe.

    Forms are very transitory like dreams. What's important is the thought behind the form, not the thing itself.

    The thought behind the things lives unchanged and is reinforced by giving. Thoughts extend as they are shared and can never be lost.

    When you give gladly you can only gain - you can never lose. If you believe that you can lose by giving then you have totally misunderstood the true meaning of giving.

    Both the giver and the receiver gain with real giving.

    What you appear to have lost is something that you value less than what is sure to be returned to you.

    If I give $10 to a homeless man it would appear that I no longer have the $10 but as said before the form will change but I still have the thought behind the gift and now so does the homeless man. What I appear to have given up, the $10 and a lot of judgment I value less than what will be returned to me and it cannot be less.

    You only give to yourself. If you give some kind words, you just gave some kind words to yourself.

    If you give judgment, anger, fear, or a piece of your mind to another - you simultaneously gave it to yourself.

    Whatever you feel like you are getting that you don't want stop giving it to others and watch it disappear from your life.

    Whatever you feel like you don't have enough of start giving that very thing away to someone else - immediately.

    Anyone who truly understands what true giving is would laugh at the idea that sacrifice and giving could be used in the same sentence.

    Sacrifice is when you believe either you've lost something or something has been taken from you.

    Why would you want to withhold when what you give you have more of?

    You're in charge of what you have because you're in charge of what you give.

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