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What you think dog training looks like and what it should actually look like


    1. What you think it looks like: session with trainer working on sit / stay

    2. Actually: Your dog hangin on a "Park It" while you answer the door

    Video: in action "Park It" to stop your dog from bolting out the door or jumping on a guest who has just arrived.

    3. What you think it looks like: leash training exercise

    Session with your dog on leash walking back and forth with full attention

    4. Actually: Advocating for your dog's space

    Classic example... you're walking along practicing "what it looks like" in leash training. Someone comes along with their dog dangling at the end of the leash and an announcement... my dog just wants to say hi.

    You feel obliged.

    Actual training kicks in. You treat your dog like you would yourself. Some random person tries to push into your space with no invite... you ignore and walk by. It's weird. You simply don't engage.

    Advocate for your dog the same way. Walk on by. Keep your dog's attention. Ignore the person who is allowing, in fact encouraging their dog to be off the hinges.

    5. What you think: Kennel time

    Only put your dog in the kennel when you get ready to go somewhere.

    Only put your dog in the kennel during potty training.

    6. Actually: Kennel time

    Put your dog in the kennel when it's "you" time. Take a bit of a break. Chill.

    Put your dog in the kennel when there's a bunch of activity in your house and your want your dog to stay calm. Let your dog out after things have settled.

    7. What you think: Setting boundaries with people

    Sure, your feel obliged to set boundaries with your dog when it comes to people you don't know... but when it comes to your own family or friends... all hell breaks loose.

    8. Actually: Setting boundaries family and friends

    The perfect people to practice on are your friends and family. When they start in with the high pitched voice and the allowing your dog to to go wild... you step in and keep the same boundaries you would with a stranger. No matter how many "I don't mind" comments you get.

    If your dog goes crazy with family there's no reason your dog wouldn't think it's okay to loose it with any person.

    9. It's not about how many training sessions you do with your dog

    10. It's about what you do with your dog when you're not "working" with them that matters the most.

    11. Want some help with real life dog life unleashed?

    Join me here: Calming the Chaos

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