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Nicola Fisher


What's one decision you can make today that will save you from making 10 more decisions in the future? Make the choice that eliminates other choices.


    1. Wear a 'uniform'

    Keep your wardrobe simple. Steve Jobs famously wore a black turtleneck, blue jeans and sneakers. By reducing your choices, what to wear every day becomes one less decision to make. My wardrobe is tiny. I mostly wear jeans and hiking boots (we live in the country).

    2. Weekly menu

    We're notoriously bad at food shopping and deciding what to eat each day. I created a weekly menu. Soup Monday, Fish Tuesday, Meat Wednesday, Veggie Thursday, Fish Friday, Curry Saturday, Chicken Sunday. It makes the weekly shop and meal planning much easier.

    3. Plan your week

    I like to spend some time every weekend planning the next week. I have a series of printables that I use to plot my outputs. I time block daily activities in my Calendar. Each weekday I do the same thing. Monday: headlines, Tuesday: writing, Wednesday: photos, Thursday: proofreading, Friday: editing/scheduling.

    4. Add rules to your Inbox

    I set up a lot of rules to manage my email. Anything that I class as a newsletter is marked as read and filtered into my Read Later folder, finance-related goes into Financial, certain recurring items automatically filter into Action. I filter by email account, too, so I can quickly see important emails.

    5. Use one email address for newsletter subscriptions

    I operate with a few different email addresses. It's easy to get subscribed to a newsletter using the 'wrong' email address. My email account filter system (see above) works for me because it highlights where I've accidentally used the wrong address. I always update my preferences. I like my email to be streamlined!

    6. Set up a to do app

    I use Twos as my task manager. It's a bit quirky, great for lists, and works well if you're a writer. I created a few different lists. Some include birthday reminders, renewal reminders. These are all annual recurring events. Taking some time to set up these lists means several fewer things to think about!

    7. Buy birthday cards in bulk

    I like remembering birthdays. I keep a list in Twos and I also have a birthday book as a back up. At the beginning of each month, I make a list of cards and gifts to buy. I have a calendar on my study wall with pockets. I keep future cards there. If I spot a card that is perfect for someone later in the year, I always buy it now.

    8. Letter writing kit

    I love snail mail and writing letters. I have an A5 wallet which contains writing paper, cards, postcards, notelets, washi tape, a pen and stamps. All in one place, I don't have to scout around if I want to write a letter.

    9. Life binders

    My husband is blind. Should anything happen to me, someone would need to help him with paperwork and finances. I bought three lever arch binders. One for me, one for Chris, one for the house. Every last bit of paperwork is there, together with various instructions.

    10. Trackers

    I keep a couple of trackers - one for weekly goals and another for self-care. Each day I see what I need to tick off the list, and maintaining the streak keeps me accountable.

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