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Bill Bergeman


What’s Your Favorite Word?

    1. Whatchie.

    A word to describe anything for which I struggle to recall the correct name. "Could you grab that whatchie on the counter?"

    2. Dude.

    I say this word way too much. I call everyone dude regardless of gender affiliation. I need to dial it back.

    3. Yo!

    What can I say? I'm a product of the "Yo! MTV Raps" generation.

    4. Right on!

    Technically two words, yes. But I say them all the time. I first picked up on this phrase in 2000 when I moved to Arizona and discovered everyone under the age of 25 said it here. So it just stuck.

    5. Truly.

    One of my favorite adverbs. It's great to use for emphasis.

    6. Yes.

    A beautiful word.

    7. Actualize.

    Another beautiful word.

    8. Yikes.

    Typically said in a deadpan manner in response to something less-than pleasing.

    9. Serendipity.

    It's simply a beautiful word to let roll off the tongue, and of course its meaning is beautiful as well.

    10. Spectacular.

    I do a good deal of mountain running and I often say this word when I reach the peak of a challenging climb and see a spectacular view.

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