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Where are you with your investment project?

"I haven't found the time to start yet."

This is the major problem of those who want to start but can't.


The status quo seems less painful in the short term.

And it often has to do with where we direct our focus. Psychologists call this "External Locus of control".

-What if the markets go down.

-And if the crisis continues.

The problem is that neither I, nor you, nor the best experts in the world can define what will happen. Or at least the forecasters have a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong.

So yes, it's quite comfortable to stay in our comfort zone.

But if investing is part of your plans (you don't have to). But if you're reading this, chances are you're one of those who are looking for financial independence, focus on your "Internal locus".

    1. What will it cost me if I do nothing? (pain)

    • I’ll have to continue working X hours until I am 62/64/67…
    • I’ll have limited time to do what I really want to do.
    • I won't be able to start my business project
    • I won't be able to take a two-year break to travel the world
    • I can't....( this must be very personal)

    2. Then imagine yourself having reached your financial goals. How do you feel, what do you do, what do you hear?

    • It would open up more options. I would feel more free.
    • I’ll have more time with my loved ones
    • I’ll be able to live 6 months a year in (your favorite location)
    • I can take more time for myself
    • I’ll be able to launch ...

    3. You just changed the equation. The status quo over the long term is more painful than the short-term pain of :

    • Defining your investment strategy.
    • Choose your ETF(s) (if you're a passive investor like me)
    • Choose your broker
    • Create a process to invest every month.
    • Let time do the work.

    4. Getting started is often difficult but...

    This little exercise allows you to clarify your priorities and give you the courage to make the first steps and then continue...

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