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Where to get ideas for blog articles

    1. Bestsellers on a topic on Amazon

    Open some books and take a look at what the chapters are about.

    2. Write about your own experience

    This is hard to copy.

    3. Take a look at content that has been successful in the past

    Write something similar. Also analyze content by other creators.

    4. Write about your own failures

    It is said that anyone who suffers and admits weaknesses gets sympathy.

    5. Collect good newsletters

    6. Combine a topic with a popular hit

    The Lord of the Rings with founding a small business, or something like that

    7. Collect bizarre and interesting facts

    8. Write about well known people, products and companies

    9. Get content from celebrities and other well known people


    10. Combine your topic with what's on everybody's mind

    For example: inflation. If you have a book blog, write about inflation in literary works.

    11. Give away useful tips

    12. Collect FAQs on a topic

    13. Tell people why they should do something or why they need something

    14. Summarize a book or film

    15. Create a challenge on NotePD

    16. Explain the basics of something

    17. Write how you achieved something

    18. Recommend media, books and products

    For example, a collection of the best travel blogs

    19. Review an online course

    20. Write about your favorite things

    For example: Why I love my old ThinkPad

    21. Create a challenge or a contest

    22. Make a prediction

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