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Bill Bergeman


Where Was Jay?

Until recently, @jay_yow07 was missing. Where was he?

    1. He woke up on a street bench in downtown Zürich with no memory of who he was, but he realized he had an amazing ability to fight and two fake U.S. passports in his coat pocket.

    2. He joined the Marathon Monks in Kyoto, spending his days running and meditating.

    3. He was kidnapped by a rogue group of underground podcast producers who subjected him to torture by forcing him to listen to James' interview with Biz Markie on a loop.


    4. He was stuck on the phone with Alec Baldwin, trying to book an interview, and Alec kept talking and talking and talking and wouldn't let him go.

    5. He went surfing, skydiving, and robbing banks with Keanu Reeves.

    6. He was at the Johnny Depp trial trying to console Amber Heard. No word on whether or not he got her phone number.

    7. He had to go back to work at the office at Tesla because Elon said so.

    8. He joined James, Paolo, Kato Kaelin, and the boy from The Wonder Years, in a week-long underground chess tournament in Manhattan.

    9. He spent a week interviewing with Joe Biden to be the new Disinformation Czar.

    10. He took the red pill.

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