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Which event caused a complete behavioral change in your life?

There have been many different events that have caused a change in my life.

    1. Being fired

    I have been fired a few times in my life. The first time I can remember was at a plant nursery. I was young and my boss was an older lady, before I even took the job we had a discussion about the schedule that I could work.

    Of course she scheduled me outside of the schedule that I could work and she had a meltdown on me and told me on the spot to leave and not to come back. And I did.

    That was one of the first times in my life that I realized some people will hear the words you tell them, but they will not accept them.

    Also this was one of the first times that someone was so uncompromising. My way or the highway type.

    2. Being dumped

    It is a strange thing to think you love someone, but they do not love you back.

    3. Dumping someone

    Everything on paper says that it should work out, but you just do not get those loving feelings. And then you have to crush that other person.

    4. Being broke

    Having to move out of rental, because you could no longer afford definitely changed the course of my life.

    5. Having a boss tell me your working too hard

    This has actually happened twice. Starbucks and Apple.

    Having a job is about working within a structured system. If you step out of the system you will get in trouble.

    6. Reading books

    New and different ideas.

    7. Getting married

    Never thought that would happen.

    8. Reinventing myself

    Trying to do something you have never done before.

    9. Telling people I am gay

    It still feels weird sometimes. But things definitely change when you say it out loud.

    10. Telling people No

    I want to please people. But I have learned that I have to please myself more than I please other people.

    11. Writing down what I really want

    Writing makes things real.

    12. Starting to be creative

    Having a daily creative practice.

    13. Finding the section of the library I could read every book on

    Learning to experiment with different topics.

    Learning to teach yourself.

    Becoming obsessed with one subject.

    To your focus into money.

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