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Which event caused a complete behavioural change in your life?

    1. Being fired from my first job

    I was 23, working as a salesman at a medical supply company. I had only been there six months when they fired me. It was a shocker. I thought I was doing well and the boss even told me he thought I had "potential". But then one day he called me into his office and said, "We're going in a different direction." And that was it.

    2. Getting divorced

    After nine years of marriage, my wife left me for another man. She moved out the next day and filed for divorce three weeks later. It was devastating but also forced me to grow up fast and learn how to be on my own.

    3. Starting over

    When I moved to NYC in my early 30s (after being fired from the medical supply company) I basically had no money, no job prospects, and no friends there. So it forced me to start over again from scratch. Which is what I did until...

    4. Becoming a writer

    In 2006 I decided to write every single day for 30 days straight whether or not it felt like writing or not because otherwise I would never become a writer if I didn't just do something every day for 30 days straight without giving up. And this started the chain reaction that led to all of the events of my life since then (which are many).

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