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Which goals have you achieved in January?

I've achieved a lot of stuff but next to nothing from my Goals list!

    1. What I have done (but not on my list)

    1. Interviewed and recruited two new staff plus office cleaner
    2. Finished and submitted my husband's accounts
    3. Worked crazy hours
    4. Covered team work due to annual leave as well as my own (will be better when new joiners start)
    5. Created 2023 12 month plan
    6. Done a lot of networking
    7. Met with our funders re strategic plan
    8. Taken Chris to several speaking gigs
    9. Hosted woodturning student here for the weekend, and another during the week
    10. Hosted film crew for filming day for Chris
    11. Visited blind guy to help with tech and so that he could meet Chris
    12. Did quarterly reports
    13. Wrote two letters to appeal planning permission for adjacent field
    14. Liaised with neighbours re appeal
    15. Took part in a two day woodturning webinar plus another associated webinar and podcast
    16. Did speed camera training as Chris is a speed camera volunteer
    17. Took Chris to speed camera session
    18. Took Bamber to the vet's
    19. Done some beta testing and joined a couple of Twos webinars

    2. What I should have done (and did)

    1. The Tiny Project - I've only scratched the surface. I've written a couple of tiny posts and blogs. I recorded a couple of brief podcast episodes but not much else. I set up a new domain for Substack.
    2. Write more - this one is a bit tenuous. I've written stuff in Twos, kept up with lists but not written much else. I've added some random jottings to Twos. I've added to my Log and Weeknote.
    3. Read more - I read almost exclusively on my Kindle. I've downloaded a few different books over the past months. I do what I did as a child, read while I eat my breakfast. With a particular gripping book, I've stretched out my breakfast to keep on reading.
    4. Create more - I've taken a few photos. I started with a 365 project but lost the plot mid January. I'm trying a photo a day without prompts which makes life easier. I've pared down my Instagram to a grid of 9. So, one in, one out.
    5. Do more - I haven't really got to more places but we've been part of a few village things. Film nights, annual events.

    3. What I should have done (and didn't)

    1. The Tiny Almanac - again, I started between Christmas and New Year but, as soon as I got back to work I lost that available time.
    2. Learn more - I suppose I have learned a lot just not what I planned to learn. I'm only 6 months into this new contract and it's been (and continues to be) a massive learning curve.
    3. Wellbeing - this is one of the hardest challenges. I'm still spending far too much time working. I have a note in my Twos list - 'body first, business second'. But I still often fail.
    4. Balance - I had a migraine on Christmas Day which floored me and slowed me down for a few days. It made me realise how much I had over done things. I set good intentions but, as soon as I was back at work, they all pretty much went out the window. As well as working full time (and often at the weekend), I manage Chris' work and facilitate his business. We're trying to pull back as I use all my annual leave to enable Chris to do his thing. We've not had a holiday since we met. We want to rectify that this year.

    4. Oh dear!

    I've done a lot but that doesn't really 'count'. The key to much of the above is balance. I'm hoping that my two new staff will make a difference to my workload and let me focus on my actual priorities. This might then help me make time for all the other stuff. We shall see!

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