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Which Mrs Harris Goes to Paris film is the best?

    1. The Angela Lansbury Version

    This is the version I watched many many times after reading the book by Paul Gallico.

    2. The Lesley Manville Version

    This is the new version, recently released.

    3. Closest to the book

    The Angela Lansbury version is based more closely on the book. The Lesley Manville version was nicer in many ways and with more poetic licence.

    4. Who played Ada Harris the best?

    Difficult one. Angela Lansbury captured the typical London char more realistically, I think, and the film reflected the era more closely. London was still a bit grim and grimy. Lansbury's Ada Harris was more down at heel and world weary.

    Lesley Manville was a bit more glamorous and the locations had a more modern vibe.

    Angela Lansbury was more true to the book, and Lesley Manville a more up to date version.

    5. Which would I watch again?

    Both! I've watched the earlier film so many times, I've lost count. For a great film experience, the new version is more lush, colourful, and a great watch.

    6. Which is my favourite?

    Tough call! But, and I hesitate to say this, I think the Lesley Manville version wins by a smidge!

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