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Which Premium Idea List would you like to see on NotePD?

If I am paying for a premium list I would want it to provide value. I would want to see some ROI. Something that would either increase my bank balance or social standing.

    1. The next steps to executing on a side hustle

    Each list could select a different side hustle and then give you the detailed next steps required for execution. To provide value the steps would need to include how to initiate it, how to advertise/market the idea, implementing and growing the business. You could also add in Youtube videos or affiliate links to generate further income.

    2. Difficult interview questions and how to answer them

    Not technical questions, but more the normal ones that make you uncomfortable such as:

    • Tell me about your strenghts and weaknesses
    • What are you salary expectations
    • Where do you see yourself in 10 years time
    • Why should we hire you
    • How do you deal with conflict
    • How do you deal with a bad manager

    3. Cold emailing templates

    A series of templates to be used for cold emailing people. The examples could include emailing:

    • potential customers
    • comapnies to do business with
    • a recruiter or company for an unsolicted job offer
    • publishing agents
    • potential podcast guests
    • offering to buy a business

    Each template woud include specific wording as well as an explanation to why certain words were used and the psychological effect they will have on the reader, allowing you to craft your own unique emails in the future.

    4. Questions to ask when starting or buying a new business

    These questions would be vital when conducting due dilligence and could assist both the buyer and seller to get the best deal for everyone.

    5. How to drive traffic to your premium lists

    Using real world examples from some of the top premium list earners on the platform

    6. Long term shares to hold over the next 10 years

    Aimed at those seeking value and looking to buy and hold for a long term. The lsit could contain some technical information about why it is likely to improve and more importantly why the business will still be around in 10 years.

    In a sea of short term pump and dump schemes, a long term voice is likely to stand out.

    7. How to set you children up for financial success

    I believe it was Einstein who said "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it". This list would contain various methods to set your child up for success using different financial instruments such as treasury bonds, managed funds, trusts, indexes etc.. that are desgiend for long term gains by starting when they are born. The list would give a brief explanation as well as the pros and cons for each item.

    8. Opening lines to use on your next dating app

    When I first met my wife these apps did not exist and internet dating still had a certain stigma about it. But from listening to my recently divorced friends the first line you send is crucial when trying to match with someone.

    9. How to improve your odds at winning ...

    Each list could be centred around a different game and contain various strategies, tactics and microskills needed to become better than average. Games could include poker, backgamon, monopoly, catan, scrabble etc..

    10. The dinner party guide to ...

    Each list would contain a very brief high level summary of certain topics, the key points, major players and other insightful facts which would make you seem more knowledgeable and intelligent at your next dinner party. Examples could include:

    • Different political ideologies e.g the -isms
    • NFT, De-Fi, Web3
    • Popular social issues e.g. Roe vs Wade, Climate Change

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