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Who Is Your Favorite Person? List 10 Things About Them You Are Grateful For?

Jesus Christ

    1. He came to Earth as a human being still being the spirit of Abba to save us

    2. He gave insight to living documented in the book of Wisdom -13 characteristic that Abba has and we too should manifest

    3. He gave us the 10 commandments-as gross guides about how to live

    4. He preached the Beatitudes for us also to know how to live our lives

    5. Suffered the up and downs of life but demonstrated how to love the most lowly of us whether man or woman ,any race religion and so on

    6. He is is always with everyone and has your right hand

    7. He taught his disciples and left memories of his teachings for us to learn from and we are still finding new writings of his time on earth

    8. He helps us in many ways that we might not understand until later

    9. our graditude to him is a must because he gave his life so that we may be free and live forever with him

    10. again he lived knowing he would do Abbass plan and die the most horrendest death to save our lives and set us free to be with Abba-left us with Love one another

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