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Who’s the star of the show? (2 min 2 sec)

Who’s the star of the show? (2 min 2 sec)

    1. Caution: It’s the content not the packaging.

    2. If what’s inside is fear-driven, what’s outside will mirror it.

    3. The outside is your mirror.

    4. The reason you don’t recognize (know) it is because you believe your problem(s) is with others.

    5. You push it out like an unwanted guest, unwilling or unable to tell yourself the truth about yourself. You are the star of the show.

    6. How often have you asked yourself, “How can someone else be the cause of how I choose to see this moment?” Or..

    7. “What problems do I have right now, not in five minutes, not next month or next year, right now?”or…

    8. “If I think this thing I’m temporarily experiencing is so large then what is God for?”or…

    9. “Is this the best that God could do if God could do it —but it’s an impossiblility for Love to have an opposite—…

    10. …But , hypothetically speaking, if he could, is creating a human body than is born, grows up, grows old, and dies the best he could do?” C’mon now.

    11. Back to regular programming…

    12. Everything in the world is wrapped in pretty paper. But The conversion rate is zero because you can’t bring an illusion to truth. But you can bring truth to an illusion.

    13. The packaging is for egos, the content is the only thing that matters. But it does depend on whether you listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit or that of your ego.

    14. Accepting the truth WILL set you free.

    15. It’s the only thing that can. 😀

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